Yoga with Mario

I have been practising yoga for over 15 years – seeing my health and happiness transform along the way – and graduated from my first yoga teacher training in 2010. Since then I have been lucky enough to learn from different teachers and traditions around the world, to ensure the knowledge I pass on will have the same positive effects on your life, as it has had on mine.

Private Yoga Classes in Malta

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From boosting your brain power to strengthening your muscles, yoga can improve both your physical and mental health, while also deepening your spirituality. This dynamic and empowering exercise of self-discipline focuses on deep and controlled breathing, posture, concentration and meditation – creating balance, harmony and strength in your life. Yoga teaches mindfulness, improves memory, encourages self-care, reduces anxiety and stress, increases self-esteem and makes you feel more fulfilled and connected with yourself. The benefits of yoga could be described as peeling an onion; by first working on the outer layer – your body – you then uncover more and more positive changes, layer by layer. By making your body more flexible, you then improve your posture, which eases aches and pains, in turn helping you sleep better, which can help boost immunity. So, the more you practise yoga, the greater the rewards.


Another aspect of yoga is that it strengthens muscles in a non-violent way, in a calm and peaceful environment – and rather than exhausting energy, as some methods of exercise can do, it helps accumulate and retain more. This enables you to improve fitness and build muscle while also having a positive effect on your mental health – achieved through key yoga philosophies that Swami Vishnudevananda describes. He condensed the essence of yoga teaching into five principles for physical, mental and spiritual growth, which can easily be incorporated into your own life:

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  • Proper exercise

    • A sedentary lifestyle can be the root cause of illness, so by getting your body moving you can massively improve your health. Yoga strengthens muscles, improves posture (known as asana) and increases flexibility – having a positive effect on your whole body.

  • Proper breathing

    • In the Western world shallow ‘chest breathing’ is the norm, but deep breathing exercises learnt in yoga – called Pranayama – have a positive impact on many levels. Proper breathing can aid mindfulness and the ability to focus without distraction, while increasing energy and improving mental clarity.

  • Proper relaxation

    • An essential part of a healthy lifestyle is relaxation and stress management. Modern life includes all sorts of stresses which negatively impact our health, so it is vital to learn how to combat these.

  • Proper diet

    • As a nutritional therapist – and having suffered previous health issues that I resolved with a clean diet – this principle of yoga is close to my heart. I advocate an “eat to live, not live to eat” diet full of fresh, wholesome foods, which – combined with the exercise yoga provides – can change your life.

  • Positive thinking and meditation

    • While science may not fully understand the power of the mind, a positive mental attitude and healthy thought processes are undeniably crucial for optimal health. The mind is like a muscle – it can be exercised – and is something we work on in my classes.

These five principles form the basis of my yoga lessons – combined with both the invaluable knowledge I gained from renowned teachers around the world, and my passion for nutritional therapy. I teach yoga in a variety of settings, so there really is something to suit everyone. No matter your age, health or fitness – give it a go today! Please feel free to contact me here or find out more about the different yoga classes I offer below:


Click here for group yoga classes in Gibraltar and Spain

Click here for group yoga classes in Gibraltar and Spain

Group Yoga Classes

My classes are designed for a variety of levels from beginners to more advanced students to work side by side practicing solid fundamentals and the classic yoga asanas (postures). Gain a deeper awareness of your body and develop higher levels of focus, strength, flexibility and endurance. Modifications will be introduced for more complex poses so that beginners can work comfortably at their own level.

Click here for private yoga classes in Gibraltar and Spain

Click here for private yoga classes in Gibraltar and Spain

Private Yoga Classes

A private lesson can help you deepen your practice by exploring the fundamentals of yoga, specific breathing techniques, alignment adjustments and modifications for injuries or health conditions. Lessons can be at your home or at my home studio. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, a private lesson can really enhance your practice.

Private Yoga Classes are available on the Costa del Sol or Gibraltar. If you live of coming for a holiday in places like Estepona, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Manilva, Sabanillas, Torreguadiaro, San Martin, Sotogrande or La Alcaidesa, get in touch to arrange your private yoga class in the comfort of your own home.


Healthy employees are happy employees, who are more likely to be productive, loyal and motivated. So combating the unhealthy aspects of working in an office is highly important, in order to gain long-lasting benefits for both employees and companies.

Potential health hazards in the office include postural problems, back pain, lethargy and eye strain; not to mention the mental stress. So for the past few years I have been helping some of Malta’s & Gibraltar’s largest international companies create a healthier office, by putting on yoga classes in the workplace itself. This convenient and motivating exercise can aid stress management, relieve aches and pains, boost energy, reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury, ease eye strain and much more.

So, if you are interested in a free trial yoga class at your office, please get in touch with me here.

Click here for prenatal classes in Gibraltar and Spain

Click here for prenatal classes in Gibraltar and Spain

Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a very popular way to prepare the female body for the big change it is going through during the pregnancy and can help to minimize complications. It is an ideal way to stay in shape and energize as well as relax body and mind and to start connect to the new life inside from the very beginning. I am very grateful for being a father myself and witnessing the amazing benefits of pregnancy Yoga during and after my wife's pregnancy. As most of pregnant ladies that come to my classes find it very difficult to move the body and keep the joints and muscle-tissues open and flexible, Yoga is a great way of working on the body as a whole in a friendly and fun environment. We are doing a lot of opening of the pelvic floor, taking pressure off the feet and legs, look into deep relaxation and its benefits. Breathing exercises that can even help you stay calm during delivery and even learn what can be done to prevent stretch marks on the belly.

It doesnt matter in which trimester you start as the groups are small and personal approach is granted.