Nutritional Therapy

As a naturopathic nutritionist, my goal is to improve health and restore wellbeing using a holistic approach to nourishment – empowering you to take control of your own physical and mental health. Nutritional therapy uses the power of proper nourishment to address any weaknesses in the body, working alongside traditional medicine.

For bookings or information:

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information. I am happy to hold a free 15 minutes skype or phone call if you are unsure if you will benefit from an initial consultation.

The type of food you eat and the lifestyle choices you make can have a huge influence over your health and wellbeing, as our bodies rely on the nutrients within our food to function and protect against disease. And as modern diets are often unhealthy, the food you eat could cause potentially harmful effects. Common chemicals found in food can also – either directly or indirectly – alter our gene expression or structure, and some diet-regulated genes could play a part in the onset, progression or severity of certain illnesses. So depending on your individual genetic makeup, your diet could increase the risk factor of contracting certain illnesses.

Combined with traditional medicine, nutritional therapy can be used as a complimentary approach to explore, uncover and tackle the root cause of illness and unhappiness, using an evidence-based, holistic approach. It can be used to manage illnesses such as mood disorders, fatigue, digestion problems and weight issues; along with optimising fitness for sports, improving general health and preventing illness – through nontoxic, natural therapies. Rather than believing the old orthodox medical paradigm that the human body works as a machine, so fixing a part fixes the problem; nutritional therapy focuses on the interconnectedness of the body and mind, and how emotions, social factors and the environment all play a part in determining human health.

Using my knowledge of nutritional science, I am armed with a wide range of tools and techniques to discover any nutritional imbalances you may be suffering with, which could be enabling or causing health concerns or symptoms. Using a holistic approach to meet your individual needs, I can create a unique programme tailored to you – including a nutritional diet to follow and suggested lifestyle choices. I work alongside any other medical treatment and professionals, and would always advise clients with concerning symptoms to seek professional medical advice.

If you want to find out how nutritional therapy could help you enjoy a healthier, happier and fuller life, please book a consultation. This will last a minimum of 60 minutes and will involve a full assessment of your health – including your symptoms, any medications you are taking, and a discussion about your historical health and wellbeing from birth until now. We will look at any test results you have already had, or perhaps decide together to take certain tests (such as blood, stool, allergy, intolerance, genetic or nutritional evaluation tests). After the initial consultation you will receive an individual plan tailored to your specific needs, which will include dietary advice and lifestyle changes. In the case of nutritional deficiencies, the extra support of supplements may also be advised. If you would like to know more before booking a full consultation, please get in touch with me directly, as I also offer a free 15 minute discussion via phone or preferably skype.