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Born to travel the world

I was very lucky to grow up in Switzerland, surrounded by nature and fresh mountain air, yet I was desperate to travel the world. So at 20 years old, after completing an apprenticeship, I backpacked through New Zealand for six months; re-connecting with my family who live there. One of which being my aunt, a well-established yoga teacher and the root of my future passions…

During my teens and later while on travels for several years, I was suffering with many physical issues, including chronic back pain and digestive problems. I started looking inside at how I was treating my body, rather than looking outside at the symptoms themselves. I began practising yoga and instantly fell in love with it! The physical benefits have always been a given to me. But what really touched my curiosity was the mental benefits and abilities Yoga offers. I then expanded on my new-found passion by learning about Vipassana meditation – planting the seed of the spiritual awareness. This way of thinking was further put to the test a year later, when I caught several parasites in the Himalayan Mountains. I lost a worrying amount of weight, had no energy, and everything I ate left me in agony. I spent years seeking help from medical specialists to no avail, damaging my digestive and immune system further as time went on. So instead – desperate to find a way to relieve the horrendous symptoms and after a lot of research – I changed my diet, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

I discovered we have the power to heal ourselves, if we provide the correct environment and tools required. This was proven to me again when I was later diagnosed with two hernias in my lumbar vertebrae, which caused pain in any position, to the point that I thought I wouldn’t be able to pick up my children anymore. Along with this I was also diagnosed with a severe parasitic infection, causing IBS-like symptoms such as substantial weight loss, painful bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea and constant heartburn. I was told I would need to take painkillers, antacids and more for the rest of my life. But I used my knowledge of yoga and nutritional therapy to turn my life around – from a sedentary lifestyle with a poor diet, to an active lifestyle with a clean diet. And today I feel more energetic, strong and capable than ever before – and am now fulfilling my passion of supporting others to feel the same way.

International Certificates:

· 2010 - Yoga Siromani (Teacher of Yoga) - Int, Sivananda Vedanta Center (200h Yoga Alliance)

· 2010 - Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Level I & II - Lotus Palm Center (148h Yoga Alliance)

· 2012 - Kids and Family Yoga Certificate - Rainbow Kids Yoga (24h Yoga Alliance)

· 2013 - Raja Yoga, the science of Body, Mind & Soul - With Nalanie Chellaram (160h Yoga Alliance)

· 2018 - Nutritional Therapy from CNM London

Further memberships:

· BANT membership

· Full insurance coverage

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