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Born to travel the world

I was very lucky to grow up in Switzerland, surrounded by nature and fresh mountain air, yet I was desperate to travel the world. So at 20 years old, after completing an apprenticeship, I backpacked through New Zealand for six months; re-connecting with my family who live there. One of which being my aunt, a well-established yoga teacher and the root of my future passions…

During my teens and later while on travels for several years, I was suffering with many physical issues, including chronic back pain and digestive problems. I started looking inside at how I was treating my body, rather than looking outside at the symptoms themselves. I began practising yoga and instantly fell in love with it! The physical benefits have always been a given to me. But what really touched my curiosity was the mental benefits and abilities Yoga offers. I then expanded on my new-found passion by learning about Vipassana meditation – planting the seed of the spiritual awareness. This way of thinking was further put to the test a year later, when I caught several parasites in the Himalayan Mountains. I lost a worrying amount of weight, had no energy, and everything I ate left me in agony. I spent years seeking help from medical specialists to no avail, damaging my digestive and immune system further as time went on. So instead – desperate to find a way to relieve the horrendous symptoms and after a lot of research – I changed my diet, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

I discovered we have the power to heal ourselves, if we provide the correct environment and tools required. This was proven to me again when I was later diagnosed with two hernias in my lumbar vertebrae, which caused pain in any position, to the point that I thought I wouldn’t be able to pick up my children anymore. Along with this I was also diagnosed with a severe parasitic infection, causing IBS-like symptoms such as substantial weight loss, painful bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea and constant heartburn. I was told I would need to take painkillers, antacids and more for the rest of my life. But I used my knowledge of yoga and nutritional therapy to turn my life around – from a sedentary lifestyle with a poor diet, to an active lifestyle with a clean diet. And today I feel more energetic, strong and capable than ever before – and am now fulfilling my passion of supporting others to feel the same way.
Nutritional consultations are currently available in Malta and Gibraltar as well as throughout the world via skype.

International Certificates:

· 2010 - Yoga Siromani (Teacher of Yoga) - Int, Sivananda Vedanta Center (200h Yoga Alliance)

· 2010 - Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Level I & II - Lotus Palm Center (148h Yoga Alliance)

· 2012 - Kids and Family Yoga Certificate - Rainbow Kids Yoga (24h Yoga Alliance)

· 2013 - Raja Yoga, the science of Body, Mind & Soul - With Nalanie Chellaram (160h Yoga Alliance)

· 2018 - Nutritional Therapy from CNM London

Further memberships:

· BANT membership

· Full insurance coverage

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