I have attended Mario Suter’s yoga classes for the past two years. I have found the classes both relaxing and challenging, and I feel that my fitness and co-ordination have improved hugely in this time. The lessons are fun, and I think all members of the class feel a sense of achievement when they think of their progress that they have made.
— Cherry, Australia

‘Mario has been teaching me Yoga on a one to one basis and in group sessions for the past two + years. His approach has had an huge impact on my life in terms of my general posture and health and in my ability to deal with the everyday pressures of life in a much calmer and balanced way.
Apart from his obvious skills and knowledge in teaching Yoga, he has a very evident and natural gift of intuition. Instinctively, he always knows exactly what I need to focus on without asking and this has been an enormous benefit for me.
If you haven’t already, you have to experience it!
— Alison, United Kingdom

Mario has been coming to our home to do private sessions for a few years. He has been very flexible in working around our schedules and always makes the classes interesting. He works around our different degrees of flexibility and creates sessions to suit our individual standards. He is also a very personable and friendly guy!
— Marci, United States

I have been attending Marios group classes for almost a year now. Suitable for all abilities as Mario is supportive of all and very knowledgeable.
— Stephen, British

Had an amazing time at Surf Yoga today - can’t recommend it enough!
— Sophie, Sotogrande

I really enjoyed my prenatal yoga classes with Mario. I did both, private and group classes and I always found them very professional and relaxing plus in the same time recognising my individual needs.
— Nicole, Sotogrande

Mario’s yoga classes are as challenging as they are deeply therapeutic and relaxing. It is a time to totally unwind and balance my body and mind. He is a very dedicated teacher who is always increasing his knowledge and listens to the needs of his clients. Love it!
— Rose, United Kingdom

I always enjoy Mario’s classes and would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody, whatever their age, gender, fitness, level or experience of yoga. I like the balance of his practice - the combination of mindfulness and relaxation, of strength and suppleness that is incorporated into each session. He is attentive to detail, encouraging everyone to give as much as they can, or feel able to, without pressure. With his help and advice, I can now achieve and hold a headstand - something I would never have hoped to be possible with fear holding me back before. Alone, or as a complement to other exercise or sport, his yoga classes are very worthwhile.
— Sarah, Sotogrande / Oxford