Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a popular and effective way to prepare for the huge changes you are going through during pregnancy and labour – helping to strengthen and relax both your body and mind. At what can be an overwhelming time, prenatal yoga is based around stretching, mental focussing and deep breathing to ensure you feel calm and happy, which can in turn help to minimise complications and create even more of a connection with the little life growing inside you.

Energise, strengthen, relax

Prenatal Yoga is a great way to stay in shape and comes with a whole host of benefits. It can help boost your energy, relax your body and mind, and keep your joints and muscles open and flexible to reduce all those aches and pains. You will also learn deep breathing exercises that you can use to stay calm during labour and avoid pain relief if that is your goal. In my Prenatal Yoga classes you can expect a fun and friendly environment, where you are able to meet other like-minded ladies who are also embarking on the journey to becoming new mothers. We will go through pelvic floor exercises, work on taking the pressure off your legs and feet, practice deep breathing and even discuss how to prevent stretch marks; along with stretching your muscles and helping you to stay fit and healthy in a safe way.

As a father myself I have seen the amazing benefits Prenatal Yoga can have through my wife’s experiences, and how it helped her enjoy a positive pregnancy and labour. These classes tend to be small, so are suitable for any stage of pregnancy as you will be able to enjoy a personal approach. So to ensure you have the best experience possible, contact me here to book into my next Prenatal Yoga class. Please note that I do not have any pregnancy only classes at this time. If you are an experienced yoga practitioner, you may join any of my regular classes and I am available for private 1-on-1’s and private groups.


Optimal nutrition for pregnancy preparation

Beside Yoga, preparing the body through the consumption of nourishing foods is a popular way to have an optimal pregnancy and reduce complications. As a certified nutritional therapist, I work in Gibraltar and Sotogrande to help people optimize how and what foods we eat.

I offer a free 15 minutes consultation in case you are not sure if you would benefit from a consultation with me. Please get in touch if you have any further questions. I am always happy to help!