Corporate Wellness

More and more companies are seeing their employee’s health and happiness as a key priority, as there is now more awareness around the potential hazards that office life can bring. For the past few years I have worked with some of Gibraltar’s largest international companies providing office-based yoga, which I am now expanding on due to its very positive popularity. I am now also putting together individually tailored programmes for companies that want to improve their employees’ overall health, including workshops and presentations on stress management and common nutrition myths; regular or irregular yoga sessions in the office; and food and snack ideas that companies could provide.

Sedentary life as a cause of disease

When most people spend longer at work than they do at home, healthy office conditions are extremely important and can have long-lasting benefits for both the employees and the companies themselves. Healthy employees are more likely to be happy employees, ensuring they are more productive, loyal and motivated. And with so many unhealthy aspects of working in an office – such as postural problems, back pain and lethargy from sitting at a desk; eye strain from staring at screens; illnesses passed around in the recycled air from air conditioning; endless cups of coffee; and of course the mental stress of tight deadlines, hitting targets, commuting to work and dealing with difficult people – it is important to try and counteract these risks.

Corporate Yoga in Gibraltar

The benefits of office yoga alone are immense – both physically and mentally. Yoga can teach stress management through deep breathing techniques, which can also aid in focussed and clear thinking. Learning how a deep, controlled breath can help on a stressful day amazes many of my clients, and I always teach straight forward techniques that can be easily used every day. Yoga can also directly relieve stress through releasing physical tension, usually felt as a tense pain in the neck and shoulders – which I’m sure we’re all familiar with after a long day at the office! I include exercises that specifically target these areas, which are simple to perform and can be repeated while sat at your desk, to relieve that stress and tension as and when you feel it. Increasing your circulation and getting your blood pumping also automatically boosts energy levels and can create a general feeling of wellbeing.

Aside from the mental benefits, yoga also has many positive effects on the body too. Regular yoga can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury – a common office condition – as it increases circulation and stretches the muscles in your wrists, fingers and arms. And have you ever exercised your eyeballs? Your eyes are in fact essential organs with many muscles and nerves that can become tired after staring at close screens all day, so I also include eye exercises in my yoga classes to ease this strain.

So, if you want to reap the rewards of a healthy office environment, and are interested in a unique corporate wellness programme or a free trial yoga class at your office, please get in touch with me here.

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