Private Yoga Classes

One particularly enjoyment I am getting out of my ‘work’ is to see people progress and evolve with and through their Yoga practise. Most people I have met and talked about Yoga and who are taking their practise serious, have mentioned stories of magical moments Yoga has brought into their lifes. Working in small private groups or even 1-on-1’s offers a very direct way for me to support you with your practise. More to follow..

Asana - steady posture

Have you ever tried to relax when carrying two heavy shopping bags, or when

Pranayama - breath control

One of the eight pillars of Hatha Yoga is called Pranayama. As a foundation for a deep practise, a steady and comfortable sitting posture is required. Roughly translated ‘Prana’ meaning the energy and ‘yama’ initiating control of it. But how is this energy connected to our breathing and why would we make an effort to control such things?
Personally, these breathing exercises have always fascinated me and I find the benefits of consistent practise reaching into every part of my life. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali state that:

‘Through these practices and processes of pranayama the mind acquires or develops the fitness, qualification, or capability for concentration (dharana), which is the sixth rung.’

But what does Modern Science say?

Several recent studies (1, 2, 3) show benefits on anxiety, perceived stress, endurance, memory, cognitive functions, central neural processing and sensory-motor performance.

Private Yoga sessions are particularly great to practise breathing exercises as they are best practised individually and without force.


A Moment of Science 🤓

In a 2013 study, Pranayama exercises had a significant positive effect on test anxiety and test performance. Students may use these breathing exercises as an important technique prior to exams, to reduce their test anxiety and increase their test performance.