Group Yoga in Gibraltar and Sotogrande


At this time, I offer one weekly Yoga class in Gibraltar, at Fit4Life:

Yoga class with Pranayama and meditation

It is on every Tuesday evening at 7:00-8:15PM.

In this weekly Yoga class we are combining the traditional pilars of Hatha Yoga with the dynamics of Vinyasa practice. We will also be working on deepening the ability to breath with control, using a range of different pranayamas or breathing exercises. One of the biggest abilities in today’s world is the power to remain calm. Increasing our resilience to stress and the environment will give us such abilities. This class is specifically designed to increase your resilience and generally take your practice deeper. As always, we will drop into a deep relaxation at the end and will feel very ready for the day. Every week we will do a short theory talk and then put it into practice. -- There will be sweat --

I am available for private groups. If you like to organize a private group at the convenience of your own home or place of your choice. A good number for the private Yoga groups in Sotogrande or Gibraltar.